I have created these videos mostly in New York City.  Some videos relate to my dissertation research. Videos in 2011 were taken for the EECapacity project. They demonstrate different teaching approaches and models of urban environmental education. Enjoy!

New York Harbor School (2011)

Satellite Academy Eco-Leaders Program, New York (2011)

Green roof in the Bronx (2010)

The Urban Farm at the Battery, New York (2011)

What’s Good in My Hood, Akiima Price (2011)

Education Program at New York Restoration Project (2011)

AmeriCorps, NYRP, New York (Nathan Moore) (2011)

Rocking the Boat: education approaches (2010)

Rocking the Boat: education about oysters (2010)

Rocking the Boat: oyster restoration (2010)

Drew Gardens, The Bronx (2011)

Environmental stewardship in the North Bronx (2010)

Planting Day in the Bronx (2009)

Removing invasive species, New York (2009) 

Guidelines for Excellence (Bora Simmons) 

Sense of place: survey (2012) 


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