New York Harbor School

Located on Governors Island in New York City, New York Harbor School has a stunning view of the New York Harbor, Manhattan skyline and Statue of Liberty. High school students take a ferry to get to the island, where in addition to regular classes they learn about the environment through hands-on projects. In this video Pete Malinowski, aquaculture teacher, and his students are speaking about the oyster restoration project in New York Harbor, a project which is part of their curriculum.


Presentation at an elementary school

During my visit to the Concordia International School in Shanghai, Scott Murphey, an elementary school teacher, invited me to his classroom. I asked students why nature is important in cities, and they proposed a great deal of nice ideas. Then we connected my research and narrative stories that I write with the topic of their class, which was English writing and reading. I think that Scott wanted to teach students that writing skills are important in many areas including academic research.

Scott continues teaching the reading class.

Green roof in Shanghai

Jennifer Chapman and Todd Gordon, high school biology teachers at the Concordia International School in Shanghai have shown me a green roof on their school. The green roof and a green wall are outstanding: they are huge and provide a nice view from classrooms. However, Jennifer would like to add more educational value to these green spaces. We have conducted a brainstorming session with her students to generate ideas what else can be done on the roof to make it more useful for learning. Some of ideas suggested by students include: install a butterfly garden, create a composting area, grow edible plants, plant small trees and shrubs to attract birds, and install solar-powered cascade fountains.

Teachers Todd Gordon (left) and Jennifer Chapman (right) with students visiting the green roof.