West Farms Farmers’ Market


Access to and affordability of good, healthy food in the Bronx is an issue for many people. This is why Phipps Community Development Corporation has organized the West Farms Farmers’ Market – to provide an opportunity for local people to access fresh produce at an accessible price.┬áJennifer Plewka, the director of the education program in Phipps CDC managing this farmers market, as well as other people working and volunteering in this market wake up at 5am every Wednesday to come here early in the morning to meet a farmer who delivers vegetables and fruits from his farm in Long Island. Some produce, including herbs and flowers, comes directly from Drew Gardens, a community garden behind the market. Interestingly, this neighborhood in the heart of the Bronx is called West Farms because there used to be farms in this area two hundreds years ago. Today Drew Gardens is an evidence that agriculture is not only the history of the Bronx.

This farmers market is also very educational. For example, some youth, especially in the Summer Youth Employment Program, get a chance to grow certain plants in Drew Gardens and sell in this market what they have grown.