22 lesson plans

Download 22 lesson plans for urban environmental education programs. They have been developed by participants of the EECapacity’s “Environmental Education in Urban Communities” online course in fall 2012. I have taught this course during 12 weeks along with guest instructors Marianne Krasny and Akiima Price, the EECapacity project (http://eecapacity.net). Feel free to share this document. Use this reference: “EECapacity (2012) 22 lesson plans for urban environmental education. EECapacity, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.”

Download PDF file: 2012-EEUC-lessons



Community EE Guidelines

This fall, Marianne Krasny, Akiima Price, and I were teaching an online course “Environmental Education in Urban Communities.” Environmental educators and leaders educators from all over the U.S. who participated in this course developed their versions of the future Guidelines for Excellence focused on environmental education in communities. These guidelines are NOT official, yet they offer plenty of great ideas. I’d like to thank all educators who developed these guidelines. If you organize an environmental education program, you may want to take a look. This online course was organized by the EECapacity project (http://eecapacity.net)

DOWNLOAD GUIDELINES (PDF file): Guidelines.pdf


26 lesson plans

Upload 26 novel lesson plans, including School Yard Habitat Mapping, A Sound Survey, and Roots of Your Food. These lessons are submitted by participants of the Environmental Education in Urban Communities online professional development course, fall 2011. Participants of the course and authors of lesson plans are educators from all over the U.S. Course instructors: A. Kudryavtsev, M. Krasny, A. Price (EECapacity program).

Download Lesson Plans: 26-Lesson-Plans (PDF, 6Mb)

What’s Good in My Hood

Akiima Price, an independent consultant in environmental education, discusses “What’s Good in My Hood,” a curriculum that she has developed for urban settings. The curriculum will be available online later in 2011. This video is recorded in July 2011 in Swindler Cove Park, Manhattan, New York City.