Drew Gardens, the Bronx, NYC

In this video, Jennifer Plewka talks about different people using Drew Gardens (The Bronx, New York), including students of all ages, adults, elderly people, artists, adults with special needs, political refugees, and immigrants. Drew Gardens includes several ecosystems: the Bronx River, vegetable garden, open space, and urban forest.

Narrator: Jennifer Plewka. Videography: Alex Kudryavtsev. New York City, 2011.


Satellite Academy Eco-Leaders Program

Field trips to various urban environmental sites is one of the methods that Carol Kennedy uses to teach high school students in the Bronx, New York City. For example, in summer students are rowing on the Bronx River, taking water samples, and interviewing practitioners about rooftop gardens. Carol says, “My philosophy and my approach to teaching is to give the students a wide range of experiences that they would not normally have with the natural world in the urban environment – so that they can form a new view of the world and a new identity.” Watch this video to learn more:

Mosaics in the garden 2

Carol Kennedy, science teacher at the Satellite Academy High School in the Bronx, was finishing the mosaics that her students made on the last day of the program last week. Every other year Carol’s students complete their programs by creating mosaics, which beautify the garden along the wall.

The Satellite Academy students exploring Drew Gardens

Students from the Satellite Academy High School spend another day experiencing the Bronx. This is a note from their summer course website by Carol Kennedy:

“First we will collect a few herbs from the Satellite garden to donate for sale at the Drew Garden Green Market. Next will will travel to Drew Gardens on East Tremont Ave by the 2 or 5 subway. We will get off at the E. Tremont & West Farms station. We will go to Drew gardens first to collect some water quality data. Next we will have a early lunch and then go to Bronx River Arts Center to design a garden on the banks of the Bronx River.”

Garden day

Students at the Satellite Academy High School, the Bronx, seeding vegetables and flowers, and exploring the school garden.

Carol Kennedy’s (the teacher) reflections from her website:


The sky threatened all day to rain, but it never came. All but 4 were present. Alex K came to take pictures (nice) and to make us do some corny but fun ice breakers. We planted seeds, interviewed some folks on the street and interview the Satellite Garden gardener – CarolK. We met some dude who claims he played for the NBA, but who knows. VC, Robert and Carol tried to turn on the hydrant, but no luck. We had to get the fire department to come by to loosen the cap (they came in a truck after all, but everyone but Carol had left). An uneventful day, but we all got to see the little Bronx Satellite garden – and maybe smell a few herbs.

Urban farming

Students at the Point CDC working along with local community gardeners in a new Urban Farming garden in the Bronx.

Composting in a community garden

Jennifer Plewka of Phipps CDC teaching students about composting in Drew Gardens, the Bronx.