Manuscript: Urban environmental education


I have just submitted a manuscript entitled “Urban environmental education” (co-author: M. Krasny) to the Journal of Environmental Education. We reviewed a great deal of academic literature mentioning the term “urban environmental education” and found several trends in this field of research and practice. We are awaiting responses from referees, but you already can download the manuscript here: 2013-UEE-submitted

Here is the abstract:  “As increasing numbers of people are living and experiencing the environment in cities, diverse urban environmental education practices are emerging. We conducted a systematic literature review and synthesis of academic publications to better understand the goals guiding environmental education practices in cities. Five broad trends in urban environmental education reflecting different goals were identified: (1) City as Classroom, (2) Problem Solving, (3) Environmental Stewardship, (4) Youth and Community Development, and (5) City as Social-Ecological System. The first two trends reflect broader currents in environmental education; other three trends emerged in large part from practices taking place in cities. This paper uncovers rich traditions of urban environmental education mostly in the American context, and provides a framework for this important area of educational practice and research.”


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