Eagle Street Rooftop Farm

TV studios and repair shops topped with a green roof with a panoramic view of Manhattan skyline and East River… This is the Eagle Street Rooftop Farm in Brooklyn, New York. I was lucky to go there earlier this week with Carol Kennedy, a high school science teacher, and her students from the Bronx. Students said they have never seen green roofs, and after this trip they would like to see one on top of their school in the Bronx.


New York Harbor School

Located on Governors Island in New York City, New York Harbor School has a stunning view of the New York Harbor, Manhattan skyline and Statue of Liberty. High school students take a ferry to get to the island, where in addition to regular classes they learn about the environment through hands-on projects. In this video Pete Malinowski, aquaculture teacher, and his students are speaking about the oyster restoration project in New York Harbor, a project which is part of their curriculum.

What’s Good in My Hood

Akiima Price, an independent consultant in environmental education, discusses “What’s Good in My Hood,” a curriculum that she has developed for urban settings. The curriculum will be available online later in 2011. This video is recorded in July 2011 in Swindler Cove Park, Manhattan, New York City.