What do people think about urban trees?

Christine Moskell at Cornell University is exploring what New York City residents think about urban trees. Answering this question may help Cornell Cooperative Extension-NYC and organizations related to MillionTreesNYC design better educational activities for communities and engage them in urban tree stewardship. Last year I spent a couple of days helping Christine survey residents in Queens, New York City. I volunteered because it was fun and because I could interview English, Russian and Spanish-speaking passersby. Christine, thanks for this great experience and good luck in your research!

Take a look at the survey results: Download poster (PDF).


An educator profile of Chrissy Word

I plan to publish a book with narrative stories of environmental educators and students in the Bronx, New York City. I would like to post on this blog only two stories, which are great examples of what you will find in the future book. A while ago I have posted Alex Severino’s student story, and here is an educator’s story.

Chrissy Word is an environmental educator in the Bronx at Rocking the Boat. Her story begins in Florida, where she became passionate about birds and nature at an early age. Chrissy’s story is culminating in the Civic Action program, which she has organized at Rocking the Boat in 2009–2010. High-school students in Civic Action were recently immigrated from other countries. Today Chrissy is trying to open the eyes of these young people to the natural environment in the city and involve them in the restoration of ecosystems along the Bronx River.

Download Chrissy Word’s narrative story (PDF file)


Photo: Chrissy Word (left) and her students in the Civic Action program.

Students in Chrissy’s daytime program.