Thank you!

To educators in the Bronx: Adam Green, Adam Liebowitz, Addy Guance, Anne-Marie Runfola, Carol Kennedy, Chrissy Word, Damian Griffin, Danny Peralta, Dawn Henning, Dwayne Brown, Jennifer Beaugrand, Jennifer Plewka, Julien Terrell, Tony Archino, Sharon De La Cruz, and Steve Oliveira.

I sincerely thank you and your students for your participation in the study on sense of place in urban environmental education! I have finished the data collection in education programs along the Bronx River, and now I am moving out of the Bronx. Next year I will be analyzing the data, and will share with you the results. It was an experience of a lifetime to work with you and your students during the last three years. Learning from your experiences made my research one of the most exciting studies in the world. I will stay in touch, and I wish you the best luck in your future work!

Alex Kudryavtsev, August 2010


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