The Hunts Point Express

At the Key to the City ceremony in the South Bronx I’ve met Bernard L. Stein, the editor of several newspapers, who commented on environmental issues and youth in the Bronx. Below is the transcript of his recording.

“My name is Bernard Stein. I was the editor of The Riverdale Press in the North Bronx. Five years ago I joined the faculty at Hunter College and I started teaching a class called “Neighborhood News.” The students in this class are the reporters for the newspaper that we started together, called The Hunts Point Express. Last year I started another class at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, where the students are the reporters for The Mott Haven Herald. The Express comes out every month, and the Herald is still a baby, it’s still learning to walk, so it comes out less frequently, but I’m hoping to make it a monthly publication.

We often publish articles about environmental issues in the area. The South Bronx is an environmental justice community that has been forced to bear the brunt of environmentally bad things. But there are a number of vibrant organizations that are working on the environment in one way or another – from Rocking the Boat that takes care of the Bronx River, to Sustainable South Bronx, and the Point CDC.

Young people are mobilized by these organizations. They are doing wonderful work in trying to improve the environment there. Planting urban farms, fighting all kinds of political wars like the Sheridan Expressway and the fertilizer plant. Young people play a very important role in that.”


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