Garden day

Students at the Satellite Academy High School, the Bronx, seeding vegetables and flowers, and exploring the school garden.

Carol Kennedy’s (the teacher) reflections from her website:


The sky threatened all day to rain, but it never came. All but 4 were present. Alex K came to take pictures (nice) and to make us do some corny but fun ice breakers. We planted seeds, interviewed some folks on the street and interview the Satellite Garden gardener – CarolK. We met some dude who claims he played for the NBA, but who knows. VC, Robert and Carol tried to turn on the hydrant, but no luck. We had to get the fire department to come by to loosen the cap (they came in a truck after all, but everyone but Carol had left). An uneventful day, but we all got to see the little Bronx Satellite garden – and maybe smell a few herbs.


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