Floating island

Students at Phipps Community Development Corporation building an artificial floating island on the Bronx River, New York City. Materials: native plants, plastic bottles, mesh, and a metal pole.


Edgar Poe Cottage

Edgar Poe spent the last years of his life in 1840s in a cottage on the Grand Concourse in the Bronx, which used to be farmland. Today restorationists from Mosholu Preservation Corporation in the North Bronx worked with students to replant ornamental plants around the cottage according to their ecological preferences.

Bronx River Festival

The Bronx River Alliance helps people discover and connect with the Bronx River through short canoe rides. Today the Bronx residents and visitors came to paddle at the Bronx River Festival. In my canoe I had researchers from 中国上海 (Shanghai, China).

Urban students go rural

Several inner-city students from the Point CDC, the South Bronx, went for a day trip to the Willow Ridge Farm in New York State. Students were cleaning the barn and explored sustainable animal farming.

Fish Parade 2010

Students and education from ACTION at the Point CDC, the Bronx, have organized the annual Fish Parade. This event raises public awareness of environmental concerns and parks in Hunts Point, the Bronx. Invited schools, activists, and artists marched a mile between two new parks through environmentally underserved communities.

Urban Planet Atlas

Urban Planet Atlas (http://www.urbanplanetatlas.org) is developed by the Stockholm Resilience Centre to engage youth in the exploration of ecosystem services and collaborative green urban planning. Dawn Henning, an educator in Rocking the Boat in the Bronx, introduces her students to the project. Rocking the Boat plan to submit the information on oyster restoration in the Bronx River to the Atlas and present this project at the Future Cities Future Citizens seminar at the World Expo in Shanghai in fall 2010.

Focus groups about sense of place

This week I have conducted focus groups with students in Rocking the Boat and the Point CDC. They have discussed how they view the Bronx and how their organizations have changed their sense of place towards the Bronx.