Community rowing

Rocking the Boat (Dawn Henning and her apprentices) conducting Community Rowing on the Bronx River, a free boating event for the Bronx residents.


Bronx River Student Symposium

Students presenting their research about the Bronx River at the Bronx River Student Symposium in Banana Kelly High School, the Bronx.

Composting in a community garden

Jennifer Plewka of Phipps CDC teaching students about composting in Drew Gardens, the Bronx.


Satellite Academy High School

Students from the Satellite Academy High School, the Bronx, are exploring the Bronx River ecosystems and conducting water quality tests.


Rain garden

Students and educators in Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice improving a rain garden, the Bronx.


Water quality

Students and educators from Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice, and the Bronx River Alliance, conducting water quality monitoring in the Concrete Plant Park, the Bronx.


Students exploring the Bronx River

High-school students from the Satellite Academy High School, the Bronx, are learning about the Bronx River ecosystem.