South Bronx Food & Film Expo

The South Bronx is sometimes called a food desert because it’s hard to find fresh produce here and because poor residents often can’t allow the price of healthy food. Adam Liebowitz at The Point Community Development Corporation, as well as his colleagues and ACTION youth have organized this event to feature various organizations that are trying to promote urban farming such as the Urban Farming, and to teach residents about healthy eating. More than 200 people have attended this event despite the rainy and cold weather. The program included documentary movies about food (“What’s on Your Plate” and “FRESH!”), and serving vegetarian and locally grown food. Youth from ACTION at the Point, who are part of my research project, were demonstrating the plan for a new community garden that they will plant next spring near the Bronx River in the Hunts Point. They have also demonstrated earth boxes that they use when there is no space for traditional raised beds or when the soil is too contaminated.


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