Water Quality Monitoring

water testing
In November after 5pm in New York City it’s already dark like at night. But youth in environmental after-school programs in the Bronx are working hard in all seasons to improve urban social-ecological systems. On-Water program in Rocking the Boat is one of such programs that combine a wide range of education and restoration approaches and youth development activities – anything from the restoration of oyster reefs to learning outdoor recreation skills, and from planting moss in walls to conducting various inquiry activities. For example, when I came earlier this week to Rocking the Boat, young people were conducting water quality monitoring. They were using a turbidity tube to evaluate water transparency and a number of other measurements such as temperature, pH, salinity, and dissolved oxygen. Rocking the Boat collects this data on a regular basis and submits it to the Bronx River Alliance, which in turn helps local environmental organizations to make more informed decisions about future restoration activities along the Bronx River watershed.


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