Tree stewardship

Tree stewardship

Last week I have visited Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice (YMPJ) to discuss our research project about civic ecology education and to adjust the data collection plan for the next year. YMPJ is one of my community partner organizations that contributes to youth and community development, and improves the environment in neighborhoods along the Bronx River. In summer YMPJ employs youth through the NYC Summer Youth Employment Program. Some youth return to this organization and stay involved in environmental programs throughout the year, and sometimes even choose an environmental career when they eventually go to college.

Luckily, this time I came too early for a meeting with YMPJ staff, and I have observed one of environmental projects, which I have not expected to see. Several youth were involved in a tree stewardship activity together with their environmental educator Stephen Oliveira. While youth were adding compost to improve the soil under the street trees, some of them were telling me about various benefits of urban trees. I am sure that YMPJ is very proud of these young people who improve the urban environment and learn about the management of natural resources in the Bronx.


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