Bronx River Crossing

Bronx River model

Today I came to the Hunts Point Riverside Park just on the whim after a meeting in this neighborhood. And what a surprise: after I walked through the park and approached the Bronx River, I saw several people from the Bronx River Alliance and Rocking the Boat who I collaborate with. They were doing something with a huge unusual structure floating on plastic bottles on water. It was the launch of the Bronx River Crossing model that represented the Bronx River watershed and was build primarily with reused materials. The SLO Architecture organization had worked with four student teams in the Bronx to build this model that demonstrates complex social and ecological features of the watershed. More information about the Bronx River Crossing can be found on Building this model might have been educational for youth and has probably developed some skills or knowledge that are different from what you can learn from participation in actual restoration of urban ecosystems.


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