Hunts Point neighborhood

Hunts Point

Several organizations with environmental education programs – including Sustainable South Bronx, A.C.T.I.O.N. at the Point CDC, and Rocking the Boat, and the Bronx River Alliance – work with people in the Hunts Point (Bronx Community District 2). This is a neighborhood the South Bronx where the Bronx River flows into the East River with 47,000 residents (75% of Hispanic origin, and 37% are not proficient in English).

Environmental justice movement in Hunts Point reminds that this neighborhood has several undesirable sites, including the water treatment plant, prison, and the largest in the world food distribution center, and very few green areas. Surrounded by two rivers, until recently this neighborhood did not have waterfront access for local people. Two beautiful public parks (Barretto Park and Hunts Point Park) were just opened, but majority of residents still cannot find green areas within 10-15 minutes walk from their house.

I just thought how different environmental stewardship or civic ecology programs can be in remote rural areas where there are few people vs. Hunts Point where open space areas should be created first. In fact, some education programs in Hunts Point focus primarily on environmental policy topics (letter writing, public hearings, community presentations, etc.) to enable youth to be advocates of their environment, and to create green areas.


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