Upper River Run

Upper River Run

My research schedule is becoming tight, but I allowed myself to participate in the Upper River Run – a half-day canoe trip with the Bronx River Alliance Recreation Program. Canoe trips are one of the main and very popular outreach activities of BxRA. Today about 20-25 people, mostly residents of the Bronx, Manhattan, and Queens, but some also from New Jersey, started canoeing in Shoelace Park near 219th St. in the North Bronx, and slowly continued south through the Bronx River Forest, New York Botanical Garden, and the Bronx Zoo to the Bronx River Park.

Michael Hunter, Recreation Program Coordinator, and Andrew Mittiga, Recreation Assistant, talked before and during the trip about the history of the Bronx River, current environmental issues, and how BxRA serves the River and the Bronx. During the trip we have seen different kinds of fish, a turtle, a few cormorants, and two egrets. Then somebody told me that at least a few people who in the past participated in canoe trips later became interested in different issues about the River, and became volunteers in different BxRA’s programs.


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