Bronx River Festival

Bronx river festival

The Bronx River Festival is organized by the Bronx River Alliance, and takes place in different locations every year. Today it was in the Bronx River Park, a beautiful and popular green refuge south of the Bronx Zoo that is frequently enjoyed by local residents. A special guest of the performance was Sonia Manzano, known as Maria from the Sesame Street TV show (see the photo above; also note waterfalls in the background, and the Golden Ball – a symbol of the Bronx River).

I helped at the canoe rides registration table, which BxRA organized today for free for anyone. I have registered about 60 people, and asked most of them whether this was the first time they canoe. To my surprise, all of them except for two people were going to canoe for the first time in their life.

BxRA organizes all kinds of activities where anyone can participate or volunteer: from canoeing to science learning, from restoration of riverbanks to development of curriculum materials, from tree planting to organizing environmental festivals. I wonder how many people, including youth, participate in more than one type of BxRA activities, and whether participation in various activities has stronger impact on their attachment to the River or other environmental education outcomes.


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