Tree planting on the riverbank, the North Bronx

Tree planting

Today young Bronx residents again were helping the BxRA Conservation Crew to restore the Bronx River floodplain in the North Bronx near 227th street. This time participants were very young – 6-10 years old kids from the Rainbow Rhymes Learning Center, located nearby, and also several after school mentors who were about 20-years old. For all 25 kids it was the first tree planting in their life. Their mentors helped them to decide where trees will be planted and kids also did much of the job. It was the first time that RRLC program collaborated with BxRA. This after school program is located within a few blocks from this place, so similar environmental activities are more meaningful for participants because this is their community. I sent several good photographs from this event to Marcia, the director of RRLC, hoping that this program will continue collaboration with BxRA on environmental projects in the future.


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