Desfile del Pescado

Fish parade

Today the A.C.T.I.O.N. at the Point organized an annual Fish Parade in the South Bronx. Youth from this education program and Adam Liebowitz, Program Director, orchestrated this event. Diverse participants came from local communities – anyone from old Latino gentlemen on hippie-style bikes to mothers with small children in strollers. Many participants were dressed in various costumes, pretending to be fish or jelly-fish, giant King Neptune, or other river or marine creatures.

The parade began at the Hunts Point Riverside Park on the Bronx River, and continued to the Barretto Point Park. Both parks were opened recently after tremendous efforts of community leaders, and now they frequently house multiple community events and provide open space for local people to relax, play, or learn about nature.

Streets were closed as the parade processed through the neighborhood. It was interesting to see the reaction of many people who came out from their houses to watch the parade. I briefly talked with a few of them, and found that they were not aware that now there are new parks just a few blocks from where they live. I think the event captured their attention, and I hope one day they will go and discover new parks with their children.

In the Barretto Point Park, before the entertainment program, different environmental organizations presented their work through information booths. Several organizations I already knew, and the new organization from me this time was Sustainable South Bronx. Marta Rodriguez, SSBx’s community outreach associate, introduced me into organization’s programs. I will probably post here what I learned from Marta later. And for now – some information about SSBx from the web:

Sustainable South Bronx (“SSBx”) works to promote environmental justice through innovative, economically sustainable projects informed by community needs. Founded in 2001 by life-long resident Majora Carter, we also address land use, energy, transportation, water, and waste policy to advance the environmental and economic rebirth of the South Bronx. We work to inspire solutions in other areas facing the same challenges as the South Bronx in other cities around the world. One of our core projects is the South Bronx Greenway, helping local government agencies coordinate design, financing, and construction efforts toward the completion of the Greenway’s first phase. We have also dedicated resources to re-stocking and maintaining the urban forest of Hunts Point, creating a safe and attractive streetscape that encourages walking and bicycling for healthy living.


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